Executive summary

M Club is a members-only luxury private club designed to serve those working, living and commuting in the York Region. M Club provides a unique platform that allows everyone from business professionals, community leaders, creatives, founders, change makers and investors that want a place to connect, engage and grow.


  • York Region’s premier private club and incubator for start ups and small to medium enterprises
  • Strong support from the community and multiple levels of government
  • Suitable for large scale private equity, family office or institutional investment funds


Limited Partnership


Private Club + Start Up Incubator


Fund Units



Why Invest in M World Club?

M World Club is a unique asset that takes advantage of the York Region’s demand for startup and SME incubation. The Club enjoys a special status from the government and has strong support from the local community, making it the ideal place for product launches, networking and educational events, and traditional rental opportunities. Investors in the M World Club are strategically placed to take advantage of superb returns from this unorthodox business model.

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