Executive summary

The DNA Company is a leading functional genomics company on the verge of disrupting the $3.5T Healthcare industry through real, interpretable data. By empowering patients with unique insights through self management tools, the DNA Company unlocks the ability to deal with health at a system level, layers before symptomatology, therefore reducing the burden of the cost, pain & time involved in treating chronic disease for patients and payers.


  • Pre-IPO investment opportunity
  • Strong performance in 2019. Projected growth on track for this year
  • Robust track record of partners, including IBM Watson


Private Offering




Convertible Debentures



Why Invest in the DNA Company?

The healthcare industry is on the cusp of its biggest change since its inception. This is why companies like Google, Amazon and Apple have made it a focus to find innovators in this space and try to expedite their foothold through them. At 17.7% of the US GDP, the opportunity for a good idea to turn into a multi billion dollar enterprise through this industry is unprecedented. This has caused a gold rush of edge companies aiming to fill the gap and experience exponential growth. These companies are limited by leveraging one core strength or competency, whereas the DNA Company has truly understood what is needed to be the dominant player in filling the gap and is best positioned to do so.

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