Executive summary

Winnermax Capital is a private equity investment firm with a global presence spanning North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It has a focus on innovative information and communications technology (ICT), internet of things (IoT) pharmaceutical and healthcare services.The firm has a successful track record of investing in some of the leading ventures in the world, and delivering consistent and returns.


  • Strong track record of successful venture investments including Uber, Nio and Schrodinger
  • Suitable for large scale private equity, family office or institutional investment funds


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Why Invest in Winnermax Capital?

Winnermax Capital is strategically positioned to have first access to some of the most unique and profitable opportunities in key sectors including technologies and healthcare services. The firm has a superb track record of acquiring and growing equity stakes in some of the leading brands in emerging, frontier and developing markets, making it an ideal partner for any private equity, family office or institutional firm that is looking for strategic private placements.

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